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Rachel Griffin // Sunrise Session // Springville, AL

“I wonder sometimes if fog is just the clouds that could not stand to be away from the earth any longer. Just the ones that were too tired to float any more, and wanted to feel soil once again.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

All the lovely things. At the beginning of fall, Dakota Austin from Dakota Chasity Photography and I collaborated on a little dream shoot. We were inspired mostly by nature and highlighting the beauty of rainy/foggy mornings. Our model, Rachel, was stunning and her deep red hair complimented our aesthetic PERFECTLY. It was an early day for us all as we chased the sunrise for the right lighting. Even though it rained the entire shoot, the wet surroundings brought out the most beautiful, deep colors. I made the head crown the night before, sending photos to Dakota as it progressed…and I think it turned out great! I really loved this shoot and getting to experiment a lot more with technique and style has been so refreshing. It was wonderful getting to work with Dakota’s and Rachel’s sweet spirits. xoxo- Laura

Model/makeup: Rachel Griffin
Collaboration: Dakota Chasity Photography



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